Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pilot and Brunette

A famous pilot was having dinner with a brunette
and when they finished they headed to a hotel.
He calls room service and asked for a bottle of red wine.
When it arrived he put some red wine on the
brunettes lips and started kissing her. She asks
what the red wine is for and he replies, "For when
I have red meat - I have red wine." "Oooohh" she says.
A little while later the pilot jumps back onto the phone
and orders some white wine. It arrives moments later,
he splashes it on her rack and starts kissing her t**s.
She asks what the white wine is for and he replies,
"For when I have white meat - I have white wine."
Eventually he works his way down to her cunt,
pulls out a can of lighter fluid and a match,
sprinkles it on her muff and lights it on fire.
"Aaahhhhhhh, why the f*** did you do that!?!"
she yells. The pilot replies, "For when I go down,
I want to go down in flames."


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