Friday, March 6, 2009


Juan: Pare, alam mo ba tawag sa paniki na mababa ang lipad?
Pedro: Hindi eh! Ano ba pare?
Juan: Lowbat pare! Lowbat!

Q and A

Question: What is the difference between a girlfriend, a call girl and a wife?
Answer: Post paid, pre paid, unlimited.


In a disco a woman approaches a man...
Woman: Hey, marunong ka bang mag-swing?
Man: (flattered) Ba't mo nga pala naitanong?
(smiling) Mukha ba akong dance instructor? (giving her a wink)
Woman: Hindi 'no! Mukha ka kasing unggoy!


"If you care for your lady friends, advise them not to marry men from
Las PiƱas. Because, they have "bamboo organs."


A black baby is given a pair of wings by a fairy...
Baby: Does this mean I am an angel???
Fairy: (laughs) Of course not! 'Tong negrang 'to!
Ambisyosa! PANIKI ka!!


Employee: Boss pwede ba ako nalang ang papalit
don sa pwesto ng manager natin na kamamatay lang?
Boss: Ok lang sa akin na ikaw ang pumalit sa kanya, ewan ko lang kung
papayag ang punerarya.

In A Party

In a party, a handsome guy approached a girl and asked;
are you going to dance??
The girl felt so happy that someone finally asked her and she said,
"yes" and the guys said "that's good, can I have your chair??"

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