Saturday, March 7, 2009


Pedro bumbs an american...
Pedro: Ay sori!
Foreigner: Sori 2!
Pedro: Sori 3!
Foreigner: What are you sori 4?
Pedro: ('kala mo bobo ako,huh) Sori 5!
Foreigner: I think you are SICK!
Pedro: (Natawa pa) hahaha! Sick daw, SIX Ogags!

Doc Talking to Moms

Doc to 1st Mom, "Mahilig ka sa sweets, so you named her CANDY."
Doc to 2nd mom, "Mahilig ka sa pera, so u named him PENNY."
3RD MOM tumayo, "Let's go DICK! Bago tayo mainsulto dito!!"

Love Never Dies

2 lovers plan a suicide. Boy jumped first.

Gal closed her eyes n returned back saying: Love is blind.

Boy in air opened his parachute saying: Love never dies.

Pilipino President

Noong si Marcos ang Presidente, laging sinasabi "MABUHAY ANG PILIPINO."
Noong si Cory na, "TAYO'Y PILIPINO."
Noong si Ramos na, "TAAS NOO PILIPINO."

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